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Your Guide to 10 Different Types of Backyard Structures

April 15, 2024

It may sound like a dream to sit in your backyard inside an aesthetically pleasing structure that blends with your home's layout. Something modern yet classic, beautiful yet productive: a backyard structure that makes everyone peek inside your backyard in awe. An outdoor structure is an accessory to outdoor living not limited to spring and summer. These beautiful structures offer multipurpose features, such as protecting occupants from the weather, providing extra living space, and providing a haven from the pressures of everyday life. But what are these backyard structures, anyway? Read below to learn about the many backyard structures you may not have learned about earlier. 

Explore Your Backyard's Oasis: Different Backyard Structures

Garden sheds

A garden shed is an excellent choice for every homeowner who needs a spot to store equipment, supplies, tools, and maybe some seasonal outside decor. When well-constructed, these structures enhance your house's overall look. 


A cabana is a great backyard structure offering covered summer space. While most people picture cabanas as somewhere to eat snacks or sit on a summer day, these structures have many potential uses you need to learn about. For instance, you may incorporate a kitchen, dining space, or entertainment area and enjoy your cabana to the fullest.


Many gardens have gazebos, freestanding structures with open sides shaped like circles or octagons, and a roof supported by pillars or columns. Gazebos offer shade and an aesthetic appearance, making them popular for outdoor gatherings.


Pergolas are beautiful backyard structures supported by a network of horizontal crossbeams that run throughout the length of the structure. Their open-roof design allows them to be used independently inside the garden. Pergolas serve many functions, like offering shade for sitting, demarcating an outside area, and serving as an attractive centerpiece.


Arbors are simple backyard decorative elements with perimeter walls usually seen in gardens and walkways. Commonly made of a wooden framework, this archway is constructed from boards for a practical yet beautiful entrance or exit. Your arbor's size depends on your preference; a bigger one can even serve as a covered patio where you can place a coffee table and chairs. 


If you love gardening, a greenhouse in the backyard is ideal for you. These backyard structures stand independently, have a covered roof, and have many windows. No matter the weather outside, they will help cultivate plants throughout the year. 

Pool house

A pool house is a standalone backyard structure close to a swimming pool. It is most commonly used to store pool-related equipment, supplies, and other belongings inside without cluttering the backyard. However, depending on its construction, you may also turn your pool house into a guest home or extra living space. 


Investing in a trellis is an excellent option to make your garden space look much better. Structures like this often have an open framework that climbing plants attach to. You may permanently affix these structures to the house or make them stand freely by constructing them with wood, vinyl, or metal. You can also use your trellises to create outdoor sitting areas away from the hustle of home.


The pavilion, another backyard structure, is an expansive, freestanding building with a covered veranda and open sides. Mostly made of wood, they usually have a square or rectangular shape and are perfect for hosting garden parties for a small group. 


The sunroom, a full-glass living space usually attached to the house, is a beautiful addition to your backyard. These backyard structures are not only meant to be used during winter but may also be used in summer due to their fully insulated construction, dual-pane windows, and attached heating and cooling systems. 

Why Consider Backyard Structures?

Aesthetically pleasing

Each backyard structure can elevate your home's aesthetic value. Their unique architectural style makes them a perfect showpiece in your backyard. 


Every backyard structure can be altered to fit your requirements. You can outfit the structure with outdoor furnishings and decorative elements to make it a welcoming meeting place.

Increased property value

If it is well-designed and maintained, a backyard structure on your property can increase its value. When you install an excellent backyard structure, your outdoor space will seem better overall, making it easier for potential buyers to fall in love with the home and its backyard. 

Elevate Your Backyard's Aesthetics- Get Different Backyard Structures at Backyard Escape Studios

One goal unites all of these backyard structures: to make your backyard experience as enjoyable as possible. But before falling in love with one, it is crucial to consider your specific needs. With a garden shed, you won't have to drag things out of the garage; you might keep your gardening materials inside enough space. Similarly, a stylish pergola may do the trick to have an aesthetically appealing space in your backyard. Any of these backyard structures promise to enhance your backyard experience, regardless of what you choose to purchase. However, choosing the proper backyard structure based on your needs may seem challenging. That's when you need a professional's help. 

Backyard Escape Studios is your best bet for studios, sheds, cabanas, cabins, and more. Not only do we provide top-notch backyard structures, but we also aim to offer you complete guidance regarding your backyard needs and preferences. From design to construction and installation, experts at Backyard Escape Studios aim to walk you through all the steps in detail. Our prefab backyard structures are installed in less than 5 hours, so you can enjoy your new space without wasting months. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Do backyard structures require maintenance?

The amount of upkeep required for backyard structures mainly depends on the type of material used. Wooden structures may require staining and inspection for pest infestation from time to time. Similarly, metal structures may need periodic cleaning to avoid rust. Overall, it is best to perform essential maintenance, like clearing the area of vegetation or waste, to increase the shed's life. 

How can I choose the right size for a backyard structure?

To choose the right size for your backyard structure, consider factors like available space, purpose for installation, and aesthetics. Ask a professional to take accurate dimensions to ensure your structure fits well in the space. Also, choose a style that blends in with your outdoor space.

Is it mandatory to check local regulations before installing a backyard structure?

Yes, definitely! Although the restrictions vary from place to place, you must research any zoning laws and HOA requirements in the area where you plan to install the backyard structure. These rules may impose things like height or size limits, setback requirements, and other restrictions, which could cause problems for your backyard structure once it has been installed. 

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