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Compliment your New Backyard

You've invested the money to give your family the pool they've always wanted, now it's time to tie that backyard remodel together with something elegant and timeless. Our high-quality pool sheds and pool cabanas can be customized to perfectly match your new landscaping. Change rooms, roll-up bars, outdoor showers, mini kitchens, and more! Our structures offer so much more than just storage. Let us know how we can help you build your dream shed today!
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A Contemporary Pool Shed with Poolside Bar

Why Build with Backyard Escape Studios? 

  • Done in One Day
    Fully installed in just one day!
  • Custom Shed Designs
    Custom footprints and designs to fit into any available space and match your style!
  • Eco Friendly Paint
    Premium environmentally friendly stain for a beautiful finish and lasting results.
  • Poolside Drinks
    Upgrade to a poolside bar to really pamper yourself and make hosting guests a breeze.
  • Watertight Construction
    Tyvek Housewrap to fully protect your structure and the expensive pool equipment stored inside!
  • Extra Storage
    Our front walls are a full 8' high. This means more storage and a spacious interior.

Contemporary Pool Sheds Across Ontario

Modern Pool Shed in Mississauga
10 x 10 Cube Shed with Black Steel
The Clean and Sharp Cube Shed
Our Client in Mississauga wanted something modern and clean to match his new pool and hardscaping. He styled our existing Cube design and got it just the right size to store his pool equipment while still allowing space for a lounge area out front and a steel pergola that matched the cube style to the side. Simple and functional, no over-the-top design choices, just an elegant pool shed with a sturdy design to keep his expensive pool equipment safe for generations.

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A Refreshing Pool-Side Bar
Featuring double barn doors and an aluminum roll-up bar, this pool cabana makes for a great storage solution while still managing to look beautiful and please guests. Our clients in Tillsonburg kept things simple, changing only a few things from our Essential model as a base. The beautiful blue stain they chose really managed to compliment the Jet Black steel while adding a relaxing and calming vibe to the whole backyard.

Read more about this project.
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Pool Shed with Poolside Bar
12 x 8 Custom Shed with Bar
Change Room Pool Shed in Toronto
Two Custom Cube 10x10 Sheds
The Twins
What do you do when you want a pool shed with a fully functional washroom and changing area, still need space to store your equipment, but don't want to go through the lengthy permit process to apply for one structure large enough for both? Just contact Backyard Escape Studios and place an order for two identical mirrored units that look sleek and beautiful, meet your every need, and keep the city off your back! These Cubes feature French doors on the front with stained glass for privacy and a large casement window on the side. Fortunately for you, the Ontario government has since raised the allowed accessory structure limit to 160sqft before needing a permit.

Read more on the bylaw update.
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The Essential Pool Shed
Using our classic Essential model as a starting point, our client in Windsor was able to craft a large and easily accessible space to store all of his pool equipment and gardening tools with room left over for his kid's floaties. The upgrade to double barn doors makes access a breeze, you never have to worry about carefully maneuvering heavy patio furniture for winter storage or struggling to find things in the dark with the flood of natural light that comes when both doors are open. Read more here.
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Pool Shed with Sliding Barn Doors
12 x 8 Essential Shed with Double Barn Doors
Modern Pool Shed in London Ontario
10 x 8 Advanced Shed with Shiplap
The Advanced
We were able to take a modest 10 x 8 footprint and give our client in London a beautiful and functional pool shed with ample storage. Using our Advanced model as a starting point she opted to upgraded to shiplap pine on the front side and flat stock steel on the side to get those nice clean lines. Our Advanced model features transom windows above the barn door for more natural light and an increased roof overhang that give it a more commanding presence. Our 8' front wall height means a lot more space for overhead storage than a traditional Mennonite or gable roof style shed.
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A Fully Customized Centre Piece
This fully custom design has been referenced by so many new clients it's hard to count. Our customer in Hamilton came to us with a truly unique vision and it was our pleasure bringing it to life. This pool shed features a swing door for secure entry, a pool-side bar, a single transom window for added natural light, an extended roof overhang above the bar to provide a little shade, and the most unique configuration of steel and pine siding we've seen to date. This an excellent example of form meeting function. A real center piece for the backyard that makes hosting guests for drinks by the pool so much more enjoyable. Read more here.
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Poolside Bar in Hamilton
12 x 8 Custom Shed with Bar
Extra Large Pool Shed in London Ontario
20 x 5 Essential with Custom Opening
An Ultra-Wide Storage Shed
Our client in London came to us knowing exactly what they wanted. An unusual footprint of 20 x 5 to give them us much width as possible while still staying under the permit limit. That width was to achieve one goal: make room for an ultra-wide opening that would accommodate a TV and seating area so they could enjoy the game by or in the pool without having to worry about the elements getting at their patio furniture or electronics. The 5 foot depth was tight, but just deep enough to fit a mini-bar in as well. Read more about this project.
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Feeling Inspired? 

We hope you've enjoyed having a browse through some of our favourite pool sheds from our company's history. If you think you'd like to make the next step use our contact form to start the consultation process and we can start planning your build today!

Still need to know more? Check out our FAQ for some some answers or give us a call! We'll do our best to answer any technical, design, or permit questions and can help walk you through the planning process.