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An Elegant All Black Pool Cube Pool Shed

May 13, 2022

Cube Shed Helen Bernstein:

The cube shed that we built for Helen was designed to be far more than just a backyard shed. When she came to us for a pool shed it was with the goal in mind of creating something very modern and that would not detract from the gorgeous landscaping she had planned.

The cube shed that we built for her fit perfectly into the space that she had and included features like a swing door for easy secure entry and steel siding to minimize the maintenance requirements.

Here is what Helen had to say about working with us on the pool shed:

The order of this shed from Backyard Escape Studios can only be described as seamless from beginning to end. Prior to placing the order, I received a digital rendering, specs and description outlining every detail requested for customization.  If I did have a question along the way, Sebastian and the team were always prompt to respond.  They emailed photos to document the sheds progress as parts were prepared along the way.  The delivery and installation was impeccable, the shed beautiful and modern. Normally you don’t think of a shed as a centerpiece to your backyard but this shed is truly a showstopper.

Design process:

When Helen contacted us about her space, we understood that she wanted to preserve more of her green space in the backyard. We wanted to design a functional shed that would blend into the background while also offering a pleasing look for the yard. With the help of our shed design in Richmond Hill, Helen now has the perfect storage space and an ideal location to put all of her gardening tools and pool equipment when it was not in use. We laid out an effective storage space that would work well for her needs and then set a build date that was flexible for her.

The jet black color that we agreed on produced a look that makes this a standout feature on the property and the perfect look to match their modern home. Throughout the design process we agreed on a look that would blend with her planters and garden and not detract from the pool area. The end design looks like a professional cabana house at a resort location. 

Building the shed:

The cube shed build process was made easy by her accessible backyard. When we built this garden shed in Richmond Hill we made a minimum impact on the yard and cleaned as we went. Starting with a strong foundation, framing, laying out the shape of the storage items and then installing the swing door and siding, we were able to produce a strong shed built with an expert level of craftsmanship. Helen’s backyard was transformed and with the strong steel siding and great quality of shingles, we have a shed that is going to last on her property for many years to come. 

If you are interested in a modern garden shed, pool shed or storage shed design for your yard, contact us today to learn more. We can design and build the perfect outdoor shed for your storage requirements, backyard entertaining and more.

Modern Pool Shed in Georgetown OntarioModern Cube Shed in Georgetown with All Black SidingBlack Pool Shed with Swing Door
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