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How to Design a Garden Shed? A Step-by-Step Guide

April 26, 2024

Who says garden sheds are only meant for storing stuff? These structures serve as an attractive centerpiece for your yard and provide extra space to relax outdoors. While it's easier to buy yourself a simple, pre-made garden shed that will work for you to fulfill your storage needs, designing your shed from scratch may complement your home just the way you want. Here is a simple checklist to follow when designing a garden shed for your backyard. With these wonderful garden shed design ideas, you can transform your backyard into a haven to relax and enjoy regardless of the weather outside.  

Exciting Step-by-Step Guide to Design Your Garden Shed:

Consider the Regulations

The most important thing we all often overlook is considering the HOA restrictions in our areas. 

Before you construct anything on your property, be it small or large, research the zoning and HOA restrictions in your area to avoid any unexpected complications. You might not have any idea and start with the shed design process, but sheds and other minor constructions may still need permits. The consequences of designing anything in your area without permission from local zoning authorities may include expensive repairs or even demolition of the whole structure. 

Purpose of Shed

Your shed's design will be entirely based on its intended use. So, think about the function of your shed before selecting any design. For instance, a greenhouse shed may require a glass roof, or a miniature home-style garden shed may require you to add a little more footprint with an aesthetically pleasing exterior. Similarly, getting a power source for your shed should be something to consider if you plan on spending a lot of time there.

Location of Shed

Finding the perfect spot for your shed should always be your priority. House orientation, pool placement, fencing, patios, and trees are just a few of the backyard elements determining your shed's location. Depending on the size and available space in the backyard, there may be specific dimensions that you must adhere to when designing your shed. Please also consider the landscape, the weather, and the available sunlight in the selected location. Moreover, your shed should be located where it is accessible. For instance, a pool shed next to the pool makes accessing all the pool essentials easier. 

Aesthetics of Shed

Now, here’s where you need to design your shed truly. Think about how you want the shed to look so it blends in with the surrounding aesthetics of the home. One way is to pick exterior paint colors already on the property, as this will match the vibe of the shed with that of the house. Research the aesthetics you are opting for and the resources you will use well. There are hundreds of shed design ideas; select the one that clicks first.

Size of Shed

Here again, the purpose of your shed comes first. Think of the purpose for which you are designing the shed. If you wish to design a storage shed to store all the clutter inside, you may not need a huge shed. Consider the space you need for storage, how much money you have, and how big your yard is before finalizing the shed size. Remember to factor in the doors and windows, and make sure to allow enough space in front so that the movement is feasible. 

Extra Amenities to Add

Lastly, think of the extra amenities you would like to include in your shed. Insulation, power, and a water source are some of the amenities a functional shed must have. 

DIY or Hire a Shed-Maker

When you have finally considered all the steps in designing a shed, the most essential step is to decide whether to do it yourself or hire a shed-maker. Now, the choice is entirely yours. If you feel all the steps are too much of a workload, consider contacting a reputable shed-maker in town. A shed maker will take care of everything from considering the regulations to planning everything.

Some Garden Shed Designs to Consider

Some of our favorite garden shed designs include:

Glass Garden Shed Design

This all-glass garden shed design serves as a sunroom and greenhouse. The reflective glass blends well with the landscape, making the view aesthetically pleasing.

Salvaged Garden Shed Design

Inspired by English designs, this salvaged garden shed features bold colors in the window trims and exterior structure. You may also add green hedges on the sides to enhance the aura. 

Miniature Home Garden Shed Design

This shed's inspiration comes from the main house. Some of its critical features include a stone walkway, a deck, and airy windows with lace curtains on the inside. With a miniature home garden shed design, you will always feel at home. 

Country Style Garden Shed Design

If you're a fan of country-style architecture, a country-style garden shed design can add rustic charm to your backyard. For the shed's exterior, we suggest using barn siding. Pots and plants should be added to manifest an authentic countryside vibe.

Leave Garden Shed Designing to the Professionals- Hire the Best Shed Makers at the Backyard Escape Studios!

Designing your shed is a long process that requires meticulous planning since numerous factors must be considered. Either you can gear yourself up for this extensive work or contact a professional like Backyard Escape Studios to design your shed so you don't have to take on such a complex and time-consuming project.

If all these steps are too much for you, and you want a high-quality shed, contact Backyard Escape Studios, only. As one of Ontario's leading storage shed manufacturers, we supply a wide variety of long-lasting and adaptable garden shed designs that blend in with your backyard. Our knowledgeable team is here around the clock to assist you in creating the ideal shed design for your outdoor space.

Frequently Asked Questions:

What to consider when styling a shed?’

When choosing a shed for your backyard, consider the available space, the height to which you feel your shed is required, and your aesthetic goals. Also, think about the design. Some sheds are more conventional in style and have plenty of headroom, whereas others, like pent sheds, are more compact and contemporary.

What things make a shed a good one?

A good quality shed should have top-notch of the following:

  • Materials
  • Foundation
  • Size
  • Weatherproofing 
  • Access
  • Location 

Which material is best for my garden shed?

If your top priorities are optimal insulation and personalization, a wood shed is the option you should consider. But please remember that wood sheds need a lot of care and upkeep. On the contrary, a shed made with metal siding, although robust, could be more pleasing. Moreover, metal sheds can rust. Hence, any option you choose comes with downsides. 

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