At Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds, we provide premium storage sheds in Canada that transform your outdoor space and create a perfect hideaway of elegance and functionality.


About Us

At Backyard Escape Studios, we design premium studios and sheds that blend convenience and craftsmanship – committed to using high-end materials and assembling them with utmost care and efficiency. Our fully-insulated designs promise year-round usability, while our climate-controlled options let you tailor your interior to your preference.Committed to excellence and delivering only the best, we redefine outdoor spaces for you – one studio at a time.



Do you require a home office, extra storage space, or a tranquil retreat? Whatever the need - our metal storage sheds cover it all.  

At Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds, our commitment to quality shines through our custom sheds in Canada – which adhere to our high standards with top-tier steel siding available in various colors.

These metal storage sheds in Canada offer both luxury and practicality – much like our residential Backyard Sheds for sale in Canada – complementing your home’s aesthetic and infusing vibrant hues into your outdoor area simultaneously.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Our dedication to providing remarkable quality is unwavering in every endeavor we undertake. If your satisfaction isn't complete, rest assured our hassle-free guarantee ensures that we'll go the extra mile to address any necessary modifications until your contentment is achieved.

Certified and Trained Technicians

Rely on our certified and extensively trained technicians to oversee your backyard project skillfully. Our unwavering commitment to skilled artistry guarantees that each structure is meticulously crafted to meet the utmost standards, showcasing our proficiency and meticulous approach to every detail.

Services Across The GTA

We recognize that your maintenance needs can arise anytime, day or night. This is why our services span across The Greater Toronto Area. Whether you have an immediate concern or require a timely adjustment, our proactive team is here to meet your requirements, ensuring that your backyard project progresses smoothly and without interruptions.


Our custom designs for metal sheds and wooden sheds in Canada allow you to fashion your backyard with your distinct preferences and requirements.

Comprising various models and embracing sustainability, Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds increases your property’s value by showcasing a steadfast commitment to unmatched quality and providing you with the best.

Our customizable designs let you craft a personalized backyard for a productive workspace or simply an additional storage solution that is what you’ve always dreamt of. With various models and a focus on sustainability, we use only premium wood and metal to create visually striking and long-lasting sheds designed to withstand the Canadian climate.



asked questions

What do Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds offer in Canada?

Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds provides premium storage sheds in Canada that combine elegance and functionality inspired by contemporary European designs.

What can these storage sheds in Canada be used for?

These versatile storage sheds can serve as gardens, storage units, or poolside companions.

What sets Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds apart in terms of quality?

Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds adheres to high standards and uses top-tier steel siding in various colors to complement your home's aesthetic.

Can I customize the design of these sheds in Canada?

You can customize the design to create a backyard escape that suits your unique taste and needs.

Are these sheds suitable for year-round use in Canada?

Backyard Escape Studios & sheds are insulated and adaptable to all seasons, ensuring usability year-round.

What makes Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds unique from other Canadian shed builders?

Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds guarantees 100% satisfaction and employs certified and trained technicians. Our services are available across the Greater Toronto Area (GTA).

Why should I choose Backyard Studios for metal and wooden sheds in Canada?

Backyard Studios offers premium materials, versatile designs, and sustainability. Whether you prefer metal or wooden sheds, we have solutions to your needs.

What materials are used for the metal sheds in Canada?

Premium materials ensure visual appeal and durability for our metal sheds – such as steel, aluminum, and sheet metal for walls and roofs, with steel or aluminum frames and fasteners. Coatings and roofing materials are added for protection and appearance.

How can I start a construction project with Backyard Escape Studios & Sheds?

You can begin by sharing your design concepts, which will help us transform your shed into a reality!

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