Grand Bend, Ontario

A Modern Bunkie

January 11, 2022

You’ve worked hard to earn your beautiful cottage, cabin, or property away from the noise and chaos of the city, who wouldn’t want to share this experience with their friends and loved ones? A modern Bunkie is the perfect way to expand the sleeping space of your cottage so you can easily and comfortably host all of the guests that would make your getaway that much more special.

Whether it’s a fully finished and cozy escape for the kids or a more barebones cabin for the hunting and fishing enthusiasts we’ll help you design and build the perfect bunkie for your needs. Our bunkies can also make an excellent step-off point for the aspiring builder who needs a warm place to stay while they’re constructing the cottage of their dreams on their new property.

Backyard Escape Studios has the perfect little cabin, the ‘Bunkie’.  Our modern, mini cabin is just what you want!

Bunkie Options

A Modern Bunkie Equipped with Solar Panels
A 12' x 8' Bunkie Equipped with Solar Panels

With Backyard Escape Studios your bunkie options aren’t limited to a single style or size. All of the shed and studio designs you find on our website can be easily adapted to suit the needs of your bunkie. Whether it’s triple glazed windows for superior insulation, venting for a small wood stove, a completely finished interior for maximum comfort or even just our modern styles and colour combinations to perfectly match your cottage, we have you covered!

If you need something more than a simple sleeping space, we can help you create a multi-functional space for all of your outdoor needs. We’ve built split structures for a finished space on one half and storage on the other, we’ve raised the roof for a sleeping loft and we’ve even had a customer install solar panels to power and charge all of his tools! The possibilities are truly endless and we’d love to help you design the bunkie that fulfills all of your needs.

A Few Ideas To Get you Started:

  • Murphy beds or bunk beds to make the most out of your space
  • A fireplace or wood stove
  • Floor to ceiling windows to show off your incredible view
  • A deck or porch to watch the sun rise and set
  • Screened windows and doors to keep the fresh air in and the bugs out
  • A loft with a ladder
  • Add heat/ AC and full electricity to make it truly feel like a home
A Fully Winterized Bunkie
A Completely Winterized Bunkie
Bunkie Wood Stove as a Heating Solution
Wood Stoves are an Excellent Heating Solution for Bunkies
Bunkie with a View
A Modern Bunkie with a Gorgeous View
Modern Bunkie Front Door
Secure Entry on a Bunkie in Cottage Country

Interior Finish

We want your bunkie to be as inviting as possible and interior finishing goes a long way to get you there. Our bunkies can be finished with high quality birch plywood, drywall, or tongue and groove pine in your choice of stain! All of our bunkies are crafted with care and precision to keep your space dry and warm all year round. With all of our stain and steel colour options, you’re sure to end up with the perfect space to match your cottage or simply have a stand out structure.

We’re happy to help you find the perfect lighting solutions, inside and out. Simple porch lights are a nice touch, or you could choose some solar powered string lights in your roof overhang to fully illuminate your structure in the night.

Backyard Bunkie

While cottage country has always been known as the perfect place for a bunkie, there’s nothing wrong with using one to expand your space right in your own backyard! Our bunkies look modern enough to match any style of home and are available with all of the finishing options to make sure it accentuates your home instead of looking out of place. With the real estate market the way it is a backyard bunkie can make the perfect guest house for visiting friends and relatives, or even as a long term space for those that need just a little extra room out of their property.

Whether it’s a simple cabin, or a luxurious suite, here in the city, or completely off the grid, Backyard Escape Studios is happy to help you create the perfect bunkie to suit your needs. If you’re interested in seeing more of our designs please check out our shed and studio options, or our gallery, and when you’re ready for the next step, contact us to get your build started.

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