Plastic Sheds Vs Wooden Sheds

January 26, 2024

Do you desperately need some space outside your house so that you can put the extra stuff there? Stop worrying and get a garden shed! You can use a garden shed for many purposes, like a small office space, a cozy retreat, or even a workshop. But for everyone to have a great experience while purchasing a shed for their backyard, it is vital to select the appropriate material. The most common materials used for sheds are plastic and wood, but which is best for you?

In the blog post below, we will compare the two main types of sheds, plastic and wood, so that you can choose the right one without regretting later.

Comparison Between Plastic and Wooden Sheds:

Here are some differences between a plastic and a wooden shed. 


The main difference between both these sheds is their material. Shed makers combine different materials to make a plastic shed. Some of the materials can be Polyethylene, Polyvinyl Chloride, or Polycarbonate. 

However, the wooden shed, are made from different types of wood like Timber, Cedar, Redwood, Pine, Fir, 


The wooden sheds are expensive compared to the plastic ones. Although the price of a shed depends on its size, the company you are choosing, and the materials employed but still, if you keep these factors the same for both wooden and plastic sheds, the wooden ones would still be expensive. 


Generally, a wooden shed is adaptable and offers much room for personalization. You can get it constructed and painted in any color you like because it is made of wood.

On the other hand, plastic sheds could be less attractive even though they come in various natural color features. Only some people will like this shed design due to its somewhat plastic box aspect. You always get what you buy, which means regardless of whatever DIY methods you try, a plastic shed will remain a boring one, and a wooden one will have the ability to be modified in tons of ways. 


You can customize the wooden shed just the way you like. People construct shelves, attach items to the walls, and fasten various things to make the wooden shed look beautiful. 

On the contrary, plastic sheds may be beautiful, too, but they lack adaptability and flexibility. Furthermore, you can't just decorate your plastic shed with a hammer and nails since only some people have the skills and tools required to decorate a plastic shed.


A plastic shed, no doubt, needs very little upkeep. Unless, of course, dirt starts to accumulate on the surface, in which case a wash down with a water pipe will do the trick. Most modern sheds are resistant to stains and UV radiations, so their color will not fade in direct sunlight.

On the other hand, although wood may seem more delicate than plastic, a wooden shed can easily survive for at least ten years with the proper care. Pro-tip- if you want the paint from peeling, you may need to recoat the painting of your timber shed once in a while when needed. 


Since the inside of a wooden shed is often raw wood, it can decay rapidly if not treated well. This raw wood is easy for pest infestation since it is difficult to clean and provides a home for insects if not taken care of. Wooden sheds, if taken care of regularly, can endure for a long time and still look fabulous.

On the contrary, although there has been a remarkable improvement in the overall reliability of modern plastic sheds, wood still stands as a superior material. Furthermore, plastic sheds are less durable than you can attach heavy objects to them as wooden ones. 

Pros and Cons of Plastic Sheds:

Some pros of plastic sheds are:

  • Plastic sheds are resilient, which means they don't rot. 
  • These sheds require low maintenance.
  • These are an affordable option.
  • Plastic sheds are impermeable. 
  • They are lightweight, which means you can carry them easily. 

Some of the cons of plastic sheds are:

  • Plastic sheds are not very aesthetically appealing. 
  • These offer poor security. 
  • You can't customize them. 
  • These can't withstand high wind pressures.

Pros and Cons of Wooden Sheds:

Some pros of wooden sheds are:

  • Wooden sheds are durable. 
  • These sheds look beautiful when installed. 
  • They offer excellent insulation. 
  • You can customize them the way you like. 
  • If broken, these can easily be repaired. 
  • Wooden sheds provide a significant security level. 

Some of the cons of wooden sheds are:

  • Wooden sheds are susceptible to pest infestation. 
  • These require regular maintenance.
  • These sheds are expensive compared to plastic ones. 

Which One Is the Best?

There's no right or wrong answer for which shed is the best. The best shed for you will be the one that suits your requirements, preferences, lifestyle, and price bracket. 

However, if you ask the experts, they always suggest the premium wooden sheds over the cheaper plastic ones since wooden sheds are durable and an excellent investment for your home. 

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Selecting the right shed for your backyard is no more a hassle since opting for a shed depends on a multitude of factors. A plastic shed is ideal if you are looking for a cheap, easy-to-assemble, and low-maintenance shed. On the other hand, a wooden shed is the one to choose if you're looking for something that will live a long life, allow easy customization, provide safety, and generally be of better quality. The primary factor that differentiates both sheds is their price tag. Hence, choose the one that also meets your requirements and fits your pocket. 

To get the highest possible standard of a shed, get in touch with the best shed builders in Canada- Backyard Escape Studios. Our sheds with various options offer you the maximum storage space, are perfect for a summer bunkie, and are ideal for a pool cabana or a garden shed. So, if you are looking for the best wooden shed, call us immediately because our wooden sheds are constructed from high-quality timber to offer you an unmatched experience.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Are wooden sheds stronger than plastic sheds?

Compared to a plastic shed, yes, a wood shed is more structurally robust. There are a variety of thicknesses of timber used per your requirement, which allows you to safeguard it from a wide range of weather conditions- rainy, sunny, windy, and more.

Which shed material is best, in general?

In general, the best sheds are metal sheds. These sheds resist outdoor conditions and are meant to survive the weather. Furthermore, metal sheds do not need as much care as other sheds, except occasionally lubricating the door hinges to ensure that they open smoothly and don't create screeching sounds.

Which is the best shed shape?

Different shapes of sheds offer different functions. Although a square shed is more space-efficient and much easier to construct, a rectangular shed may provide more storage space and better fit the oversized objects you need to put away. If you want to make the best choice, ask a professional to take the dimensions of the space where the shed will be put and see which objects you intend to store inside the shed. 

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