Prefab Sheds VS. Custom Sheds: Which One Is Best for You?

June 21, 2024

Anyone who is on the lookout for a perfect shed for their backyard gets tangled up in the question for which they can’t find the correct answer: prefab shed or custom shed?!?

Honestly, there is no right or wrong answer. You naturally want to find a shed that is all in one- beautiful, practical, long-lasting, cost-effective, and serves the purpose. Now, if you are in the market and stuck between choosing from a prefab or custom shed, stop worrying because we are here to help. In this blog post below, we will review the complete guide to prefab and custom sheds, their benefits, and how to ensure you make the right choice for your backyard. 

Prefab Vs. Custom Sheds- A Complete Guide:

Since sheds are becoming a necessity more than an extra storage space in the backyard, millions of people are in the market to find the perfect one. If you are one of those individuals, please weigh the benefits of both prefab and custom sheds to make an informed decision.

Prefab Sheds:

Prefab sheds, also known as prefabricated sheds, are manufactured at the site and delivered to your location for effortless assembly. Prefab sheds have been taking over the sheds world because of their seamless assembly and less time for installation. You have two options: either you read the manual and assemble the shed (which is pretty easy) or ask the shed-maker you bought the shed from to install it in your backyard. People around Canada are more inclined to invest in prefab sheds because of their cost-effectiveness. A small prefab shed may start at a few hundred dollars, while as the size increases, the price will be higher for larger sheds. 

Benefits of Prefab Sheds:


If there is one reason that puts prefab sheds above all other kinds of sheds, it is its affordable pricing. Compared to custom sheds that cost thousands of dollars, you can find a small, cute prefab shed for a few hundred dollars that serves the purpose and looks good, too. 

Quick assembly:

No one likes their backyard cluttered with raw materials for months, which is precisely why people prefer prefab sheds. 

Prefab sheds, being prefabricated, allow swift and easy assembly. All you have to do is follow the manual and assemble the shed within 4 to 5 hours. 

Easy to Relocate:

Has an unplanned home shifting come your way? No worries. You can quickly relocate your prefab shed from one place to another. Just disassemble the parts, load them on the truck, carry them to the new location, reassemble, and voila- the prefab shed is ready to use!

Custom Sheds:

A custom shed means building a shed or buying one made for your needs and requirements. With a custom shed, you have the peace of mind of knowing that it is tailor-made according to your taste, including its doors, windows, flooring, roofing, size, design, and everything else. Moreover, when buying a custom shed, you must also prepare yourself to work directly with the maker, which means you know exactly what products and materials are used during the production. Although it may be more expensive than a prefab shed, it offers you the contentment of having a shed of your dreams.

Benefits of Custom Sheds:

Unlimited Personalization:

The biggest perk of investing in custom sheds is the ability to personalize everything. From roofing to flooring, windows to doors, and design to exterior, you can construct your shed just as you want. 

Materials Check:

Since custom sheds are either made by you or in front of you, you are familiar with the quality of the materials used. In most cases, high-quality raw materials are used for production, so you may rest assured that your custom shed will last for years.

Increased Property Value:

With a custom shed costing thousands of dollars sitting in your backyard, your home’s worth automatically increases. Buyers fall in love with the aesthetically pleasing design and are willing to pay more for the overall vibe. 

Which One is the Right Option for You?

Ultimately, choosing between a custom-made shed or a prefab shed entirely depends on your preferences. Sit down, take a moment, and think about what kind of shed you want, how much you are willing to invest, if you have enough time to give to manufacturing a shed from scratch, or if it's too much of a hassle. Moreover, please consider the purpose for which you plan to get a shed since there is no point in spending thousands of dollars on a shed you don’t intend to use all year long. 

With that being said, think about your unique requirements and choose what suits you the best.

Choose a Durable Shed that is Prefab Yet Customizable- Buy at Backyard Escape Studios

Choosing between a prefab shed and a custom-made one depends on your preferences, requirements, budget, purpose, and circumstances. Prefab sheds are affordable, making them ideal for people who like to have a relaxing space in their backyard without breaking the bank. Conversely, custom-made sheds allow you great flexibility to craft sheds however you want. 

But how about we bring both kinds of sheds together? Dreamy, right? It is possible only at Backyard Escape Studios. 

Our prefab sheds are customizable, meaning you can choose from hundreds of our designs and find the perfect one. For sheds, studios, and cabins, we use the highest-quality materials, including Timber, that promise to give you a relaxing retreat in your garden lasting for years to come. Moreover, our prefab sheds are affordable, making them accessible to everyone. Intrigued? Visit our website and explore our sheds and studios to learn more about what we have to offer. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why do people consider prefab sheds?

People consider prefab sheds because they are cost-effective compared to other kinds of sheds, including custom-made ones. If you have had the experience of building a shed from scratch, you might be familiar with the excessive costs that come with it. Since a prefab shed has most of the part constructed already, and you only need to join them together, there are usually no labor costs associated with these sheds. 

Which is better: buying a shed or building a shed?

Buying a shed or building a shed from scratch is entirely your choice. But please consider the budget, associated costs, preferences, and the purpose for which you want the shed. Building a shed allows you to personalize it just the way you want. However, buying a shed saves you from the hassle of purchasing raw materials, paying for labor, and other stresses. 

Where can I find the most affordable sheds in Canada?

Canada’s thriving market has hundreds of shed makers to choose from. However, if you are looking for the most affordable yet robust and practical sheds, Backyard Escape Studios is your best bet. Not only does Backyard Escape Studios provide the highest-quality sheds, but it also ensures these sheds seamlessly blend in with your home’s landscape with their modern design. From cabins, sheds, and studios, Backyard Escape Studios provides prefab sheds that hardly take 4-5 hours to install. 

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