Reasons Why Wooden Sheds Are Much Better Than Plastic Sheds

January 31, 2024

Everything amongst us may change, but a backyard shed's role in our lives will stay the same. In the modern world, garden sheds are indispensable in helping us store tools or instruments, create workshops or mini offices, and even a mini-retreat where we can relax during the day. While plastic sheds have gained popularity for being low-maintenance, wooden sheds have proved to be the best. But what makes them so superior in the market?

Join hands with us as we unveil why wooden sheds are adorned and popular amongst people worldwide.

Factors that Make Wooden Sheds a Better Choice:

Having a shed is similar to having a pet. Once you own it, you will wonder how you ever lived without it.

Wooden sheds have been around since ancient times. So, there is something in them that has captured the attention of everyone around the world. Here are some of the factors that make wooden sheds the best choice for your backyard:


Despite plastic sheds having shown steady improvement in their reliability, nothing beats the durability of a wooden one. Let's not forget plastic sheds can't bear any weight on them.

Although constructed from untreated wood, a wooden shed is prone to deterioration if not well protected with chemicals and preservatives. However, if you invest a little into upkeep, it keeps its strength and durability long.

Another example of durability is that a plastic shed might melt at a workshop if it's too hot outside, but for wooden sheds, it doesn't matter if it's boiling or freezing outside; the temperature inside a wood shed will remain constant.


Plastic sheds are durable to some extent and easy to construct, but they also require no upkeep whatsoever. On the contrary, garden sheds made of wood can be painted to go with your house's overall appeal and landscape. If wooden sheds are adequately taken care of by applying safety treatments every twice a year, they will survive significantly longer than plastic sheds. Let's note that plastic sheds typically have ten to twenty years of lifespan. However, timber sheds might last one hundred years or even longer when properly cared for.


Harvested trees are replanted and reused according to sustainable forestry principles, making wood a renewable resource. The carbon footprint of plastic sheds is often more significant than that of wooden sheds since plastic comes from nonrenewable materials. For those who care about sustainability, a wooden shed is a good option because it helps keep the environment clean and lessens the overall influence on the planet. Also, don't worry if you live in an area that experiences snowy winters; wooden shelters are strong enough to face all weather conditions without releasing harmful substances into the environment. And genuinely, they are more attractive and natural-looking than plastic sheds, which doesn't make them look out of place.

Visually Appealing:

The classic charm of a wooden shed is readily apparent when you set foot in a garden with one of these. Plastic can't even come close to wood's natural beauty and warmth. All sheds are functional, but they can't match the visual beauty of a wooden one.

A wooden shed is timeless in its elegance, and it has the potential to change the overall look of your backyard or garden, giving it a more charming and natural vibe. When you wish your shed to blend in with your backyard's aesthetic, a professionally built wooden one will do wonders.


One of the major selling points for a wooden shed is its unrivaled ability to be personalized. Wood is a very adaptable material, so you can easily shape and customize it based on your needs. The versatile design of wooden sheds allows them to be used for multiple purposes, from a simple place to store items to a fully-equipped workshop. The best customization options for wooden sheds are adding windows for more natural light, building organizational shelves, or painting them to fit your home's vibe. However, plastic shelters typically come in prefabricated forms, so you will only have a little leisure to make the desired customizations.


Have you ever wondered how people calmly sit inside their wooden sheds, even when it snows outside? The reason is that wooden sheds are more adaptable due to the material's inherent insulating qualities. Consider wood, no matter what, if you're looking for a better insulator than plastic for your shed, whether for storage, a workshop, or a relaxing station. The inside temperatures of wooden sheds can be easily kept optimal, protecting your goods from severe weather conditions. The insulation properties of a wooden shed make the interior much more bearable in terms of even noise level.

Plastic sheds, on the other hand, have a lower thermal efficiency and, hence, have trouble keeping a consistent temperature inside, which can be a hassle in places where the weather is relatively high or low.

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In this ever-changing world of contemporary life, embracing the timeless charm of wooden sheds brings a sense of classic vibe while also providing a solid foundation for storage needs. Wooden sheds should be seriously considered as you shop for your next shed because of their timeless beauty and ability to blend in with nature's landscape flawlessly.

Hence, in a timeless debate about wooden sheds vs. plastic ones, wooden ones always seem to be the winner. The practical benefits and impressive appeal make the wooden sheds superior to their competitors. Not only do these sheds appeal, but they also offer other great benefits, as mentioned above.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Are wooden sheds waterproof?

Most of the time, wooden sheds are not waterproof to begin with. This means you must apply a waterproof treatment to keep your shed safe and maintain it in the same state in the long run.

Can plastic sheds become brittle over time?

Plastic shelters can become brittle over time, even though these sheds don't suffer from rot or mold. This means they are susceptible to breaking or becoming damaged and do not last as long as other material sheds are available.

Are resin sheds any good?

Plastic sheds that are often made from the material known as resin are considered a good buy. These sheds offer many benefits, like staying safe from corrosion, bug infestation, and weather conditions.

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