Revving Up: Exploring the Benefits of Outdoor Car Storage Sheds

May 16, 2024

Is your garage cluttered with unnecessary stuff, leaving no space for your car to be parked? We feel your pain. Every homeowner fights a clutter war in their storage areas, be they garages, basements, or backyards. Our garages are always heaped with toys, tools, equipment, and things we hardly use, leaving little to no space for our precious vehicles. So, what do we do about the vehicles then? Park them outside? Not a chance. Whether you have an extra vehicle and there is no space for it in the garage, or your garage is so full of stuff that you can hardly fix the car’s bonnet inside, an outdoor car storage shed may be the right option for you. 

Read below as we unveil some of the benefits of outdoor car storage sheds you probably had no idea about until now. 

Some Benefits of Outdoor Car Storage Sheds You Had No Idea About:

Impeccable Protection:

Every car owner prioritizes keeping their car protected and unblemished. When you invest in outdoor storage sheds, you can rest assured that your vehicle stays safe throughout the day and night. You don’t have to worry about it being hit by the overspeeding cars on the street or the neighbor kids scratching the car’s paint. The best part? You may install a surveillance camera to keep an eye on your vehicle, even when you are not around. 


Contrary to popular belief, an outdoor car storage shed provides much-needed convenience and accessibility. You can retrieve your car whenever you like. Investing in an outdoor car storage shed is a perfect option for those who want to keep their spare cars in pristine condition while also keeping them always accessible for unplanned tours. 

Safety from Weather Conditions:

Among the most significant threats your car can face is inclement weather. From scorching heat rays and fast winds to rain storms and heavy snow, your car’s condition can massively deteriorate if kept outdoors. 

In such instances, outdoor car storage sheds not only provide your car with a space to keep it safe from inclement weather conditions but also rule out any chances of discoloration, faded paint, rusted exterior, and cracked dashboards. 

Free Space in Garage:

When it comes to space and storing your essentials, more is always less. If you own multiple vehicles, including bikes and cars, you might always be crying for space. 

With an outdoor car storage shed, you can leave all the garage space to keep your necessary and unnecessary items and utilize the shed space to keep your car and its equipment. 

Once your car exits the garage, the possibilities are endless. Use the space as you like, convert it into a gym, an artwork space, a meditation spot, or the same cluttery storage area where you throw everything you don’t need but can’t say goodbye to. 


If you are worried about your outdoor car storage shed compromising the overall aesthetics of your home, you might be wrong. 

Imagine your modern vehicle exiting the luxurious car storage shed, which attracts people to witness the scenario across the street. It sounds like a dream. 

Some of the best shed builders, like Backyard Escape Studios, offer their clients fully customizable sheds in various sizes, styles, designs, and layouts so that the shed seamlessly blends in with your home’s overall appearance. Whether you like simple styles, modern designs, or rustic charm, you can get a shed made according to your requirements.


An outdoor car storage shed is a one-time investment. Compared to building a space designated for cars or constructing a garage from scratch, an outdoor car storage shed is a budget-friendly option that makes zero compromises on durability and longevity. 

Not only this, whenever you plan on relocating, you can simply disassemble the shed and reassemble it in the desired location, making the whole moving process a breeze. You also don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars on repairs and replacements since once a shed is constructed, it will last for years with little to no maintenance. 

For Storage Sheds and Studios, Discover the Unmatched Quality Of Backyard Escape Studios

Outdoor car storage sheds stand as a true testament to functionality, security, and beauty, especially when we are short on space, and cars are our treasured friends that can’t be compromised to keep open outdoors. These outdoor car storage sheds provide a perfect space for storing your car and its amenities rather than cooping it up in a garage when it can have its own chic home. Transform the aesthetics of your outdoor space, give your car the designated space it deserves, and invest in an outdoor car storage shed to provide yourself with peace of mind. But do you need help finding the right shed maker in Ontario? Stop worrying. You got our back. 

At Backyard Escape Studios, you name it, and we make it. Our fully customizable sheds and studios come in various sizes and layouts to meet your requirements and match your home’s aesthetics. Just share your dream shed with us, and we will try every way possible to design a similar sketch. The plus point? You don’t have to wait for days for the shed installation since our sheds come in a prefab design, meaning it will take 4-5 hours before your shed will be ready to use!

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Do outdoor car storage sheds require maintenance?

While outdoor car storage sheds are crafted from robust materials that demand minimal upkeep, conducting periodic checks to ensure their longevity is still a good idea. Simple maintenance practices like cleaning the shed's exterior, inspecting for leaks or cracks, checking if the foundation is still sound, and applying a weather-resistant coating can be followed.  

  1. Can outdoor car storage sheds withstand different weather conditions?

Outdoor car storage sheds, typically constructed from robust materials like metal, are designed to withstand a variety of weather conditions. Rain, snow, sun, or wind, these sheds are built to last. To further ensure their longevity, reputable companies often apply weather-resistant coatings. This durability can instill a sense of trust and confidence in the reliability of outdoor car storage sheds.

  1. How big should an outdoor car storage shed be?

Choosing the right size for your outdoor car storage shed is crucial. A shed around 10 x 20 ft is a good starting point, but it's essential to consider your car's dimensions. Measure the sides and front of your vehicle, leaving at least one foot of space on all sides. This will ensure you select the perfect size for your shed, making you feel informed and prepared.

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