7 Reasons to Buy a Cedar Shed for Your Storage Needs

June 28, 2024

If you are looking for a shed in your backyard that is not just beautiful but weather resistant, keeps the pests away, and gives you a soothing aromatic feeling as you walk past it, you might want to look at cedar sheds. Known for their extensive qualities, these sheds come in various siding options to match your home’s overall vibe. But are these sheds the right option for your storage needs? Read below to find out. 

What makes Cedar Storage Shed the Right Choice for Your Backyard?

Easy Maintenance:

Standard sheds of pine and timber require regular maintenance, but cedar differs. Cedar storage sheds are easy and inexpensive to maintain and can be cared for by everyone. It is essential to treat and stain your cedar siding regardless of whether it is water—and pest-resistant, as this allows you to be proactive in keeping the siding safe. Stained cedar siding usually lasts over 20 years and keeps the whole structure durable.

Moreover, unlike vinyl and metal sheds, which need cleaning occasionally, your cedar storage shed can stay pristine throughout the year with just one or two washes yearly. To wash your cedar shed, use a pressure washer, keep it on the lowest setting, and slowly wash away dirt and grease. You should do this during the summer, as sunlight helps the siding dry properly after pressure washing.


Cedar often known as hardwood, which, as the name indicates, is a firm material wood that is resistant to splitting and breaking, like other woods. Conversely, pine is a softer wood, suggesting that it can easily break and is unsuitable for long-term investments, especially in terms of sheds. Cedar is a far superior long-term investment due to its resistance to water and insects, so it is often considered a better option for storage sheds. Pine storage sheds, on the contrary, can't resist different weather conditions and are usually not suggested since the wood might break in just a few years. 

Pest Resistant:

If there is one true enemy of wood, it has to be pests. Everywhere you look inside the homes and the sheds, insects wreak havoc on wooden constructions. The destructive constant chewing of wood by termites and other insects can be a continuous source of destruction for your shed, making it less reliable over the years. Now, here's where cedar sheds do the magic. The best benefit of cedar storage sheds over other kinds of wooden sheds is that this wood releases a specific oil that keeps the insects at bay. When no insects are infesting your wooden shed, your shed ultimately lasts a longer time. 

Sound Resistant:

Although you plan on investing in a storage shed, using the space for other purposes is possible. For instance, you might consider soundproofing if you ever think of revamping your cedar storage shed into an office or gym area. However, with a cedar shed, you can efficiently work inside the shed since this wood is porous and absorbs sounds. Because of cedar's soundproofing quality, it is frequently applied to the inside and outside the homes. When you use the shed as a home office, a meeting area, or a yoga studio, you can minimize outside noise disruptions and focus on your tasks. The plus point? The feature works both on the inside and outside of the shed, meaning people on the outside can't hear your conversations inside the shed. 

Decay Proof:

What’s better than investing in a wooden shed that stays decay-proof all its life? Storage sheds made of cedar keep insects at bay because of the natural oil in the wood. So whether you have made the shed from scratch or bought a prefab one, you can rest assured that your cedar storage shed in Canada can withstand insects and pests. 

Wood decay is a major problem every homeowner faces, making them invest in expensive regular staining and painting. But with cedar sheds, you can relax knowing that your shed and its inside belongings are safe from pests.  


Cedar is an all-in-one wood that not only offers all the perks but also blends with your home’s aesthetics, flawlessly elevating the whole space’s beauty. Cedar, one of the most beautiful woods, naturally has pink and red undertones, giving it an elegant natural look. 

Pro tip: to keep your cedar shed in the same pristine condition and help retain its natural color, applying a sealer on top is better. 


Although the list of cedar’s undeniable benefits is never-ending, let’s wrap things up on the quality that makes it the premium choice for homes and sheds- insulation. Cedar is a perfect insulator that outperforms metal, bricks, or concrete. With the insulation properties, your shed remains comfortable throughout the year regardless of the weather conditions outside. 

Invest in High-Quality Cedar Sheds in Canada- Buy From Backyard Escape Studios

Cedar’s unquestionable benefits make it a top choice for sheds and studios across Canada. Although it is beautiful, durable, pest-resistant, and environmentally friendly, the list of benefits is a never-ending one. With its insulation properties and stunning curb appeal, a cedar shed not only gives your home an aesthetically pleasing look but provides you with a comfortable experience throughout the year. By investing in a cedar shed, you don’t just make a wise decision to make your backyard beautiful but enjoy a long-term investment for the next 25 to 30 years. 

Now that you are finally persuaded to buy a cedar shed for your storage sheds, you must look for a reputable company that uses the highest-quality cedar and crafts top-tier cedar sheds in Canada. 

At Backyard Escape Studios, we meticulously craft the best sheds and studios to cater to your unique requirements. Our commitment to unmatched quality and unwavering dedication to customer satisfaction allows us to make sheds that speak for themselves. If you are ready to elevate your backyard’s beauty, contact us right away to choose a prefab shed of your choice. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

What makes cedar an excellent choice for sheds?

Cedar is considered the best option for sheds because of its resistance to decay. You can be sure your cedar shed will endure for many years before you see it deteriorating because of its quality to stay resistant to rotting. This is the reason people across the globe have always favored cedar sheds in their backyards. 

Why do people invest in storage sheds?

Honestly, there is nothing like too much space. A storage shed provides some extra space outside of the house where you can store your extra items, including gardening supplies, bicycles, home essentials, unused furnishings, and more. 

How long do cedar sheds last?

Cedar is an exceptional choice for sheds due to its remarkable durability, lasting more than 25 to 30 years. Its resistance to water and insects further makes it a premium wood for sheds and studios in the backyard. 

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