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November 6, 2023

Your outdoor pool is a great way to chill and relax in sweltering heat. If not, you can always heat the water up, drag it into your garage and turn it into a makeshift sauna. The possibilities are endless, and collapsible pools are even better, since you don’t have to worry about placement and installation, or even draining them. However, the bigger the pool you have, when it gets deflated, it's going to need someplace to be stored in a manner that does not damage it and keeps it safe from the environment as well. Aside from that, pool storage in general is important. Here are some of the best pool storage ideas for you to implement and take form and function to the next level. 

Most of these are not necessarily usable for inflatable pools. Even if you have a proper pool in your backyard, you will still need these pool storage ideas to store accessories like pool noodles, any flotation devices you may have, and really anything that goes into the pool. So, these pool storage ideas will ensure that not only do you get a usable space in your backyard, but also space that looks good as well. 

Here are some of the best pool storage ideas.

The best pool storage ideas

In order to maximize space and ensure that your pool supplies, or inflatable pool stay safe, out of the way and properly stored, here are some of the best pool storage ideas. 

Storage sheds

One of the first and frankly the best pool storage ideas or solutions is a storage shed. These are versatile sheds that come in a number of sizes and building materials that can hold various things securely without cluttering them. What’s even better is that some backyard sheds, like the ones from Backyard Escape Studios, come with a number of modifications and personalization options that can give you a lot more flexibility and freedom in placing pool items like noodles, inflators and even an inflatable pool itself into the shed and organize them in a manner that makes it easy to retrieve the things out. Even better: plug in a water connection and have your shed as a bathhouse in your backyard, which is a lot better than going into the house soaking wet. The possibilities with a backyard shed are endless, and it certainly one of the best pool storage ideas.

Backyard pool house

Taking things up a notch that could be expensive but is certainly another great pool storage idea: a backyard pool house. This one isn’t so different from the storage shed option: get one big enough and paint it a certain way, and it will double as a pool house in your backyard. But whereas a shed is multipurpose, a pool house will be a pool house. The good thing about it will be that not only will it be a good place for your pool supplies and even an inflatable pool, but you can also double it as a backyard showering space to ensure you step into your home clean and dry after enjoying in the pool. However, this might be an expensive option; pool houses don’t come cheap and maintaining one with extensive plumbing and electrical connections might be a little too much for some. 

Go DIY: use baskets/ laundry containers

This one is only for inflatable pools or pools where the accessories are very much limited. If you don’t feel like investing too much money in a pool house or trying and building or purchasing a backyard shed to repurpose as a storage unit for your pool, you can always pull a sneaky do-it-yourself (DIY) and repurpose a laundry basket or container to use as a storage option for pools or pool accessories. For example, the construction of your average laundry basket is such that it has giant holes in it or uses mesh fabric; this can be used to store pool noodles. Or, for inflatable pools, simply deflate them and put them back in their box. Put the box in the laundry container and get your laundry container in your home. It’s a cheap, easy and eco-friendly way to maximize space with pool storage in your backyard. 

Buy a pool noodle deck box

Another way to really maximize space and ensure that your pool supplies and things like noodles and other items stay safe and handy at the same time is to buy a pool noodle deck box. These boxes come in a variety of sizes and build materials, and also in a number of colours and styles to really make a statement in storing your pool supplies. They are easy to access, and, if your home has a deck in the backyard, are compact and small enough to fit in a shelf in your backyard deck. When you’re done using your pool supplies, simply deflate them and fit them in your deck box. Let it air out for a minute before shutting it and placing it on your deck. This deck box will not only save you a lot of space, but it will keep the pool supplies in easy access. 

Install a wall mounted rack

Saving space? Why not utilise a structure already there to store stuff from the pool and stuff that you need readily? That is thought behind a wall-mounted rack. For pool supplies and inflatable noodles and other accessories like a pool bed, a wall mounted rack is perfect for maximising space and ensuring that pool supplies stay accessible at all times. What’s better: even in stormy weather conditions when rain is really pouring down, your pool supplies will stay safe as several wall mounted racks come with cabinet doors that can be closed and locked in case you might have some expensive stuff in there that you would rather not get stolen. These are perfect also because the installation part is relatively simple: simply drill a few holes, nail the rack frame and mount the rack on it. Now, you have a sturdy and safe place to place your pool supplies. 

Use wooden pallets

Last but not the least, another one of the great pool storage ideas is to use wooden pallets as a poolside storage rack. Talk about maximising space; a wooden pallet can be bought for cheap at your local lumberyard, or you can even pick one up for free if you know someone in the shipping side of things. Drill a couple of nails and hanging hooks on the pallet and hang it up to

 the backyard wall. Sand up the rough edges so splinters won't be a problem and paint it a really nice blue colour to really sell the summer theme. Noodles and floats will have an excellent resting place in between the wooden planks, and the nails and hooks will be excellent to hang up things like goggles and vests that your kids might use. A simple and unassuming wooden pallet is now your best pool accessories’ storing device, and it's all thanks to the creativity of people looking for creative pool storage ideas.

Maximizing space and aesthetics with Backyard Escape Studios and Sheds

The first option on the list was backyard sheds. There is a reason why it was first on the list: it has the perfect balance of usability, ease of assembly, space and aesthetics. Options like that from the Backyard Escape Studios and Sheds will boast both form and function; look out for incredibly beautiful and crafty designs that will maximize space in such a manner that it would become the perfect addition to your backyard and will even enhance the look of the pool itself. With their excellent customization options and usability, you can even hook up a water connection in there to make it even more useful and paint it so that it becomes a pool house. The possibilities are endless with storage sheds, and with the right spec and colour, Backyard Escape Studios and Sheds will transform your backyard into a place that could be your escape pod, both literally and figuratively. 

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