Georgetown, Ontario

Georgetown Garden Shed

December 6, 2021

Georgetown Garden Shed

What is the size of your backyard? Perhaps you have plenty of space to let the dog run at a cheetah's pace, or maybe it is quaint in size (aka petite). Let’s say it is smaller in size. Did you know you can optimize that space, and utilize it with efficiency and style? An essential shed, like this one in Georgetown, is only 8x8 in size. Storage sheds do not have to be gigantic, but can be built to a size that does not overpower the backyard space you have available to you. And, just as important, it can be a design that you can be proud of!

This garden shed, in particular, has a premium pine tongue and groove board that is a Kendall charcoal colour. There is jet black corrugated steel for the siding, cornering, and flashing, and the roof is also black to top off the entire storage shed design. The outswing door ensures you have full access to the inside of the garden shed without worrying about the door swinging in and hitting something. It is the perfect set up to enhance a smaller backyard space. While we typically install the door on the front face of the shed, this customer wanted it on the side to match the natural slope of his backyard while still being easily accessible. This lead to a more unique and striking look overall.

With smaller square footage means less space to store your essentials (and non-essentials). Though a storage shed, like this one, will take up 8x8 of your backyard, you will actually gain space. With some savvy organizational skills, a few shelves, and some hooks on the walls, you can store more inside a garden shed than you could imagine. Our 8' ceiling height means for plenty of storage up high and no ducking to enter or exit your structure either. This in turn creates more space for you to work with beyond the storage shed. You can claim back your backyard!

If the time has come for you to optimize your backyard space with a garden shed, we are ready and waiting for your call. We can guarantee a quality made, proud to show off, storage shed that is bound to add ease to your life going forward. Contact us today to inquire!

Single Slope Garden Shed in GeorgetownAn 8 x 8 Essential Garden Shed in GeorgetownAn Essential Garden Shed with charcoal pine and jet black steel
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