Grand Bend, Ontario

Perfect Cottage Shed

March 22, 2021

Immersed in Nature

Grand Bend is one of Ontario’s most nature-immersed beach areas, with gorgeous greenery and beautiful waters. One of our dear customers from this Cottage area decided to contact us to build a custom garden shed, which would be used for year-round storage.

We were delighted and asked our customer for their requirements. We quickly understood that our customer wanted the modern shed to not only serve as storage, but it also needed to be aesthetically complementary to the colours of their beautiful wooded property. With that in mind, we agreed that the colours of this Grand Bend modern shed were to be an earthy shade of brown and black matching their beautiful Cottage.

We started the one-day installation of the 12’ by 8’ modern shed by installing an earth screw foundation. Setting the foundation right for the modern cottage shed is key to ensuring that the rest of the components can be structurally aligned correctly and can be built upright. Along with the earth screw foundation, we laid out a pressure treated subfloor in the custom garden shed we were building. We then installed the walls and roof frames on top of the settled foundation.

Against the beautiful backdrop of the lush greenery, we added on the matching modern Maibec Muskoka brown with jet black corrugated steel sidings and accent. The earthy tones of the Muskoka brown blended well with trees and its natural surroundings to provide a cozy yet modern feel.

We then added a small wooden ramp at the base of the door. This would make it easier for our customer to transport things in and out or the modern garden shed when using a wheel barrow or a trolley. To finish the product installation, we added a shiny black aluminum inswing glass door onto the beautiful Grand Bend modern shed. The door complemented the brown and black corrugated steel sidings beautifully.

Our customer was grateful that we were able to get the product up within one day. After sourcing a number of modern garden shed providers, our customer decided to go with us, as we understood our client’s main requirement, which was to build a storage-based modern cottage shed that would blend with the theme of the modern home and the environment, and we were able to deliver and install our product in a single day!

We were glad to make our customer happy, and we would like to do the same for you!

The Grand Bend modern shed is one of the many modern cottage and garden sheds that we design and build. While this one was an essential 12’ by 8’ modern garden shed, we have many models, including a advanced 8’ by 8’ if you’re looking for something simple in your backyard or 12’ by 9’ studio shed if you want to have a modern twist to your outdoor space.

We are pleased to receive such feedback, as our customer’s satisfaction matters to us above all. Along with art shed studios, we have a range of products available to build the perfect backyard look you desire. From a pool Cabana, to a backyard mini-office, to a simple garden shed, we are able to work with your ideas and customize their build. With our extensive coverage over Ontario, we are able to come to you and install the product you want quickly!

A Cottage Shed Built for our Customer in Grand BendA Closeup on the Swing Door for this Cottage Shed12 x 8 Custom Storage Shed for our Customer's Cottage
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