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10 Pool Shed Ideas to Elevate Your Outdoor Space

April 15, 2024

Nothing beats soaking up some sunlight while watching your pool and a tastefully made pool shed that invites you to unwind in luxury. Beyond being used as a backyard space, your outdoor area can become a haven of serenity, only if you want it to! If you have good pool bar shed ideas, your backyard can become a relaxing retreat with all the amenities you need at hand. Designing a poolside paradise with some of the best pool storage shed ideas that match your style and way of life is a limitless opportunity, whether you're going for a minimal change or a contemporary wonder. So, read below to discover some of the many outdoor pool shed ideas that will transform your backyard into a showpiece everyone falls in love with.

Outdoor Pool Shed Ideas To Transform Your Backyard Oasis:

Simple Style Statement:

Simple or minimalistic pool sheds are great for people who want to upgrade their poolside area without spending thousands of dollars. This simple yet elegant design can be used as a sitting or storage space. You can choose any color to match your home’s vibe.

Modern Shed

A modern shed includes contemporary accessories and elements to make your poolside shed look its best. With big windows for natural light and numerous color options to choose from, a modern pool-side shed easily complements your home and backyard space.

Cabana Style

Cabanas, one of the most common pool shed designs, are becoming extremely common due to their versatility and aesthetically appealing appearance. With a cabana, you don't have to choose between a storage area and a sitting space since you can make a stunning and deliberate combination of the two with a cabana. Those who want to host and relax in an outdoor space next to their pool love cabanas. A cabana usually includes a comfy lounge spot, changing room, or kitchenette to make your backyard feel more like an extension of your home.

Cuboid Design

A pool-side cube is your best bet among different pool bar shed ideas for finding something one-of-a-kind. Its basic design and firm edges stand out from the crowd, making it a beautiful yet valuable addition to your backyard. Adding inside finishing touches, you can transform this sleek, modern, poolside functional studio.

Studio Style

If you're seeking a flexible solution, you can't go wrong with a studio pool bar shed idea for your new pool shed. The charming entrance door and ample windows for cross ventilation make it ideal. This pool shed's conventional or rustic style makes everyone fall in love with it. Thanks to its contemporary design, this shed will complement every backyard style of your house. 

Outdoor Kitchen

If you hate running to the kitchen every minute to get something new, an outdoor kitchen for your pool shed idea may sound right. An outdoor kitchen will offer more room in your yard to keep kitchen essentials, and this fantastic pool shed design will inspire you to get more creative with your backyard space. An outdoor kitchen partially covered by a lovely pool shed will make it look fabulous. Because of the uses that come with an outdoor kitchen pool shed, it is an excellent tool for hosting gatherings without you continually leaving the pool area to get the things. 

Changing/Guest Room

It would be a dream come true to have a pool shed that serves as a changing room or a guest room and can store your equipment. With a pool shed as a guest room, you need not worry about space because this multipurpose structure will help you with all your needs. For seclusion, add a tinted window and wooded doors with bells on the outside. 

Ultra-Wide Storage Shed

Based on your needs and demands, an ultra-wide storage shed for your poolside may be the right option. The ultra-wide storage shed offers a great width to provide space for a huge opening to put your television and seating area, all with ease. At an ultra-wide storage shed, you and your friends can watch the game in or near the pool without worrying about the weather damaging your supplies, outdoor furnishings, or gaming devices. 

Barn Style

If you hate the city's hustle and live on a farm or countryside, adding a barn-style pool shed is the ideal choice for your pool. You can paint it traditional red and use it to store house and farm equipment, along with pool essentials. You can keep the doors open and put in certain pieces of furniture to create a calm outdoor space.  

Coastal Style

Want to give your pool a coastal vibe? You might consider coastal style as your go-to outdoor pool shed idea. With a coastal style, your pool shed manifests a beachy look to match the pool. Some of the best ways of incorporating a coastal style is by adding beachy elements like seashells and outdoor furniture in soft pastel colors like blue and white to make your pool-side space look like a coastal side.

Ending Note:

You may elevate your outside space with pool bar shed ideas in countless ways, whether you want modern elegance, barn charm, or a simple style statement. Whenever you're looking for a place to relax in style or a place to host parties with friends or family, these ten outdoor pool shed ideas will help you design the perfect outdoor space without stressing you out. With the right pool bar shed idea, you can make your pool area a paradise where you can unwind and appreciate the surroundings and nature with ingenuity and innovation.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

What can I store inside my pool shed?

Your pool shed can help you store some of the most essential items like:

  • Pool chemicals
  • Pool equipment, including all the cleaning stuff
  • Pool storage items
  • Things you can’t store anywhere else, like kids' toys

What are some DIY pool shed ideas for styling it?

Some of the best DIY pool shed ideas for styling include adding fluffy towels, comfy pillows, and colorful umbrellas. Various outdoor couches and sunbeds can also be a great way to accommodate visitors and activities.

How can I give my pool an expensive vibe?

Adding high-end elements like tile detail, lighting, or a waterfall feature can elevate the aesthetic value of your pool without spending thousands of bucks. You may also enhance the appearance of your pool area by adding classy furnishings and decor. 

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