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Backyard Escape Studios offers a wide variety of wood storage shed kits in Canada for your backyard shed to come out looking like an absolute dream!


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Our wood storage shed kits make it possible for you to create the most dazzling designs and layouts that maximise usable space.

These kits are designed to help you hit the ground running when it comes to building your wooden sheds; whether they are for the garden or for storage, all you need is a little ingenuity and a whole lot of that DIY spirit, and the end result will be something that looks absolutely stunning.



Your garden is home to all sorts of things. From your trusty lawnmower and its accessories to all the gardening tools you might have (and let’s not forget those special plants that you don’t want out in the open), a garden storage shed is as imperative as it gets.

Backyard Escape Studios provides wood garden shed kits designed to maximise space and give you the best possible solution to keep all of your gardening stuff handy in. And not just that; extensive customisation options mean that you can essentially segmentize, allowing your special plants to be in their own room while you store all your gardening supplies in another section. Your garden can be so much more beyond just providing you with a green spot to recharge and relax in; wood garden shed kits from Backyard Escape Studios will give your garden an aspect of usability and storage that will make your life a lot easier and provide for you a place where you might keep the stuff near and dear to you, safe and sound. 

Maximising storage for your home can get troublesome. There’s only so much room that you can spare from your home, which makes the idea of a wood storage shed a really interesting one. And with Backyard Escape Studios, you don’t have to worry about the cost of the wood storage shed kits. Designed to give you the most bang for your buck, installing one in your backyard will give you all the space you need without having to burn through most of your net worth! Check out wood storage shed kits Canada at Backyard Escape Studios for some of the best and most aesthetic designs you can get for wood shed kits.


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Why choose Backyard Escape Studios for wood storage sheds in Canada?

Backyard Escape Studios also has some incredible designs for wood storage shed kits that come with all the accessories and parts you will need to construct your own backyard shed and turn it into a place of your liking.

Whether it’s storage for your lawn equipment, your special flowers or plants or really anything you fancy giving shelter to, these wood shed kits will provide all the storage you need and will turn your garden into a place of form and function.

Once you have our wood garden shed kit, it’s simply a matter of time and expertise; but don’t worry, our kits are DIY-friendly!Backyard Escape Studios: where the best designs for wood storage sheds and the most practical solutions for storage come together to give you the best of both worlds.


asked questions

Do you offer wood storage shed kits in Canada?

Backyard Escape Studios provides wood storage shed kits that cater to various needs. From storage points for your lawn equipment to hobby shacks or studios, the possibilities are endless with a storage shed. Pick whatever you want to do with it; the shed will be versatile enough to cater to it.

How long does it take to assemble wood storage shed kits?

Not much time! Given you have a nominal experience in handiwork and know your way around the assembling of the shed, it comes together pretty quickly and looks amazing as well. 

How much customization is possible with wood storage shed kits?

Wood storage shed kits from Backyard Escape Studios are offered with different customization options. Choose from a selection of layouts, roofing styles, materials, and additional features like windows, doors, and interior finishes. This customization allows you to create your shed perfectly aligned with your lifestyle and needs.

Why should I go with a wooden storage shed kit rather than a prebuilt one?

Wood storage shed kits offer the chance to do a little DIY job and enjoy crafting something with your own hands. If that is not quite your speed, Backyard Escape Studios will do it for you, or you can always order a prebuilt one!

Are wood storage sheds suitable for remote areas in Canada?

Our versatile wood storage sheds can be installed in various locations, including remote areas in British Columbia and across Canada. Their convenient design and wooden build allows for placement in different terrains and settings.

Can I use my wood storage shed as a store for yard equipment?

Yes, of course you can! Many customers utilize these cottage sheds as versatile backyard storage spaces, holding whatever yard equipment you might have. 

What materials are used in making the wood storage shed kits?

Our wood storage shed kits are built using high-quality, durable materials specifically selected to withstand Canadian weather conditions. From sturdy lumber for frames to weather-resistant siding and roofing materials, quality and longevity are prioritized in construction.

Do you provide delivery services for wood storage shed kits across Canada?

We offer convenient delivery services for wood storage shed kits across Canada, ensuring secure and timely delivery for assembly and enjoyment.

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