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How to Build a Storage Shed

January 3, 2024

A storage shed can be a practical solution designed to hold all your extras without cluttering the house. Located in your backyard, this shed can be used as a storage spot for your extras, and you can even take stuff from your friends to keep it in your shed since it won't make a mess in the house. Whether you prefer small storage sheds or larger, more elaborate ones, you can always build one by yourself and try your hand at a little DIY job. This is your quick guide on how to build a storage shed. 

Bear in mind that many localities or HOAs (homeowner associations) require shed permits or inspections prior to purchasing or building a shed. Check with your local authorities if any such requirement is in place and if your shed needs to be of a specific size or needs specific connections. Once that is done and you are issued a permit, you may go ahead with the storage shed construction. 

How to build a storage shed: a quick guide

If you ask anybody how to build a storage shed, the one almost universal tip: don’t saw the wood, get prefabricated panels for the shed. This is usually the best way to go about building small storage sheds; these panels come complete with instructions on how to build the shed and also come with the attachments required. Gather your tools, and let’s start with the storage shed. 

Mark out, clear shed site

Storage sheds need to be placed on a flat site in your backyard. Since the flooring is supposed to be concrete, you must first clear out that specific part of the backyard. If there’s any growth, clear it out and start by using concrete to build a ramp-like structure that will hold the storage shed. Ensure a nice flat surface where the shed walls and the flooring will be mounted. 

Start with the shed’s foundation

After the concrete has been set and is ready to be worked on, you can either consider it the new base or foundation of the storage shed or use the base provided with the shed panels. We’d recommend using the flooring panel provided since it will make the rest of the procedure much easier. Assemble the panel for the flooring and set it down on the concrete ramp. Ensure sturdiness with each step of the process and always check. 

Erect the walls

The walls come next, and you must start with the framing. Each side of the shed will have something for the wall: a window, the entrance door, and any other attachments as advertised. Start by attaching the first wall panel to the flooring and then framing the walls clockwise. Pay special attention to the cutouts for windows and doors; you don’t want to re-frame a wall once it has been attached and installed to the floor panel. 

Assemble the roof 

After erecting the walls and standing tall and rigid, the next step is to assemble the roof and install it. Whether it's two panels divided for a sloped roof or a flat rooftop with a single panel, the first is ensuring all of its attachments are on there. If you have a choice, try buying the sloped roof one, especially if you live where rain and snow can be troublesome. Sloped roofs are the best in dealing with such issues. In contrast, a flat roof can accumulate water, which, depending on the material, may be detrimental to the storage shed's physical integrity. 

Assemble, install the windows (if any)

Since this is a simple storage shed, you may or may not have a window. If you do have one, it will likely come with instructions on assembling and installing it on the wall. Assemble the window, install it, and ensure that your storage shed has ample ventilation since an enclosed space with lots of stuff in it can be dangerous if not given enough ventilation. 

Assemble and install the door

The door needs to be sturdy, and since the storage shed is in your backyard, you will also need to lock the door and secure it. While many doors are shipped as a single panel, some might require assembling, and you must follow the instructions to the T and install the door. Remember that the hinges on these doors can get rusty, which is probably why we should regularly maintain them. If the ones included with the shed panels don’t feel right, buy new, better-quality ones. 

Install any other attachments

Roof drainage systems, electrical connections, and any other connections you may have for the storage shed will need to be tackled. However, since the more basic options don’t come with such attachments, you may not have to do them. You will get such attachments if you go for the more elaborate storage sheds. They are usually easy to install, but since electrical connections and lightbulb holders are important for all sheds, you should pay extra attention to the installation and take precautions in using substandard installation material, especially for anything related to electricity. 

Tips on how to build a storage shed

These tips can help simplify the process of building a storage shed. Let’s take a quick look at them. 

  • Never settle for low-quality items: If you want your storage shed to weather all that mother nature may throw at it, you need the best quality items, whether panels for the shed or attachments. Trying to save a couple of bucks on installation or the shed will only result in it coming out in bad shape, so try not to do that and instead invest in high-quality material that will last longer. 
  • Consider professional help: A DIY job isn’t always of the best quality, and by taking in some expert help, preferably from a professional, you can ensure your storage shed comes out in the best possible quality and is ready to solve your storage issues without any hassle. 

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